EWoT: Covril

Biographical information
Current status Alive
Physical description
Race Ogier
Gender Female
Height Head shorter than Elder Haman
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TGH 33
First appeared LOC 20
Last appeared KOD 19
Last mentioned TOM Prologue
Rank Speaker
"Foolishness. Fighting in battles. Putting yourself in danger. Gambling. All of it. Pure foolishness, and there will be no more of it."
   —Covril to her son

Covril daughter of Ella daughter of Soong is Loial's mother. She is a famous Speaker, from Stedding Shangtai.

Appearance Edit

She is strong-faced. She is apparently known outside the Stedding as Cadsuane mentions she is not one to be kept waiting.

Activities Edit

Loial has been consistently afraid since he met Rand that his mother will find him and marry him off.

She "persuades" Elder Haman to leave their stedding and go with her in the search for Loial. She also brings Erith, who she intends to marry Loial. They stop in Caemlyn where Rand al'Thor tells them that he is now in the Two Rivers. After helping Rand find all the Waygates on a map, she goes with him to Shadar Logoth. He then takes them via a Gateway to just outside Emond's Field.

This fear was eventually realized when Covril, Erith and Elder Haman finally find Loial at Lord Algarin's manor. Loial is married to Erith then and there, albeit not entirely unwillingly.

She is for speaking at the Great Stump and opening the Book of Translation. Loial disagrees and argues that Ogier must stand beside human at Tarmon Gai'don. Erith finally decides the issue by agreeing with Loial speaking at the Great Stump. She has now taken over pushing around Loial where Covril has left off.

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