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"The Creator had made the world and then left humankind to make of it what they would, a heaven or the Pit of Doom by their choosing, The Creator had made many worlds, watched each flower and die, and gone on to make endless worlds beyond. A gardener did not weep for each blossom that fell."

The Creator is the name given to the entity who created the universe, the Wheel of Time and reality itself. It is unclear if The Creator also created the Dark One; it is suggested that The Creator imprisoned the Dark One, its antithesis, at the moment of Creation, indicating the Dark One's existence may have been an unavoidable consequence of the creation of the universe and possibly a necessity for maintaining a balance between good and evil, order and chaos, light and darkness.

Virtually nothing is known of The Creator. He is not worshiped as a god in the traditional sense, although his name and the term "the Light" appear to be interchangeable. By the Third Age it is common knowledge that The Creator will not directly intervene in the affairs of humankind, dampening to almost nothing the spread of any kind of organized religion, with the strange exception of the Children of the Light.

Two battles of significance occur simultaneously, close to the end of Rand al'Thor's trip to the Eye of the World; as the armies of Fal Dara confront Shadowspawn in Tarwin's Gap, Rand and company confront the Forsaken Balthamel and Aginor in the Blight. While The Green Man sacrificially finishes off Balthamel, Rand is pursued by Aginor who recognizes him for Who he is. In the ensuing confrontation Rand turns the tide on Aginor, killing him in the process, and then somehow makes his way to Tarwin's Gap, where he slays much of the army of Shadowspawn coming against Lord Agelmar's forces. And it is after dealing with those two menaces, when he is overwhelmed with the horror of it, and demands of Ba'alzamon that it end, he hears what may have been the voice of the Creator.[1] If the voice "was" that of The Creator, the words indicate that The Creator would play no role in ending the conflict; that it was the job of the "CHOSEN ONE" alone to end that conflict.[1] Some suggest that the conflict inferred by The Creator is the Last Battle and that the Chosen One is The Dragon Reborn, and there is good reason to give these thoughts due consideration, but the text of the passage itself says no such thing.[1]

Interestingly, Rand later hypothesized that if the Dark One did break free of its prison then only that one world would be affected, not all of time and space[verify] (in contradiction of other prophecies[verify]). He suggested that The Creator had created many worlds as a gardener had grown many grapes on a vine, and if one of the grapes shrivels and dies then the gardener is regretful but moves on. Lews Therin Telamon, or at least the voice representing his personality within Rand's mind, seemed to agree with this conclusion.

Fan Theories:Edit

A running joke among fans is the idea that Bela is The Creator in disguise. The reason is because Bela appears more than any character but the central ones, along with the fact that she has gone into several battles and other hostilities and always come back into the story.


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