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<<<   Time to Be Gone    >>>
Setting: outside Ebou Dar


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is out on a rainy day a few miles from Ebou Dar. A few days before Mat helped the Atha'an Miere damane escape resulting in a large battle. Many died during their escape so bodies were still being found in the nearby waters. Noal if fishing and caught something 'less then foot long' for a Shara themed fish stew with peppers. Egeanin comes up to him saying that she had ordered that no one was to go away from the wagons. Mat links arms with her saying they go back and don't forget that we're supposed to be lovers. As they go back to Luca's animal show Egeanin adjusts her black wig that covers her shaved head. She has to disguise her being a member of the lower blood.

Mat reflects back six days to their tense escape from Ebou Dar. They were waiting at the city gate while sul'dam looked for marath'damane and wondering if Tuon or Selucia would shout they were being kidnapped while the dice started up inside his head. However the distractions that they arranged with Beslan and a captured Windfinder worked and they were allowed to leave the city. As a battle starts up in the city, the dice in Mat's head stop, but he doesn't know why.

Mat is puzzled since there doesn't seem to be any kind of search going on for Tuon. He decides though that enough time has gone by that he should be leaving Ebou Dar.


Six days agoEdit




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