External summary

<<<   Blacksmith's Puzzle    >>>
Setting: Altara


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin points out the tracks on the bare rock that indicate a Darkhound pack that passed by their camp early in the morning. Masuri begins to examine the tracks using the One Power. Gallenne advices Berelain to break away from Perrin to avoid the danger but Berelain claims to be intent on being part of Faile's rescue. Masuri reports that even though she has studied Darkhounds and come across tracks of many packs before, this pack is new and may contain fifty hounds rather than the usual ten to twelve.

Masema approaches with a large group of his men but approaches Perrin with only two. Masema reports that a nearby town, So Habor, has full warehouses of grain and other goods that could be purchased. Perrin replies that restocking can wait on Faile's rescue. As Masema leaves a horseman and an Aiel on horseshoes approaches.





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