External summary

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Setting: Altara, Malden


Point of view: Faile Bashere

Faile is reports to Someryn on what she heard Sevanna say while she was on duty. She worries that Sevanna may find out all of her gai'shain servants are spying on her and worries more about not reporting everything to the Wise Ones. Faile peeks at Someryn after her report and finds her transfixed on something to the north and west. She then notices that all of the Wise Ones nearby that can channel are standing and staring the same way. Faile plans to escape before Perrin can catch up since he is greatly outnumbered by the Shaido, but hasn't found a way to do that yet. Chiad tells Faile that she helped Lacile and Arrela escape three nights ago and they haven't been captured yet.

The Aiel camps sprawls around the city of Malden where Faile has to go to do Sevanna's laundry. A drunken Aiel accosts her and carries her off but Rolan intervenes. The laundry was dumped in the street and is now dirty from mud and ash, but it still must be cleaned to Sevanna's satisfaction. Rolan expresses interest in getting to know her better and Faile does not wish to offend her protector but also does not want things to go to far. Alliandre Maritha Kigarin is also washing clothes and chats with Faile. Maighdin has gone to try to steal the oath rod Therava has since Galina has promised to help them escape if they do. Galina arrives to check on their progress and Maighdin arrives shortly after, having been caught trying to steal the rod.Aravine arrives to let Faile know Sevanna wishes to see her right away. On the way back Aravine shows her Lacile and Arrela tied hand and foot in a wagon so Faile knows the escape attempt failed. Aravine then pledges herself to Faile, under the Light and asks to be part of any escape.

In the tent Therava is arguing with Sevanna that the clan should move east to get away from the channeling the Wise Ones could feel. Sevanna is adamant though that they should wait until the snow is gone. Sevanna then turns her attention to Faile. Galina betrayed Faile by bringing Sevanna the knife she had hidden. As punishment she is stripped and placed on a table for the night. Rolan comes by and massages her cramped muscles and lights a brazier under the wagon to keep her from freezing to death.