EWoT: Culain

Biographical information
Nationality Aldesharin
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned COT 3
Last mentioned COT 3
Occupation Soldier
Rank General

Culain was a general of Aldeshar, who fought against Artur Hawkwing during the Consolidation. Hawkwing eventually defeated him, yet he was so impressed with Culain's skills that he offered him a place in his new Empire. Culain refused, and was executed.

Matrim Cauthon has some of Culain's memories, including the fall of Aldeshar and his death.


There is an inn in Caemlyn named "Culain's Hound" where Alanna Mosvani and Verin Mathwin stay with their recruits from the Two Rivers. It is possible that the inn is named for him.

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