Culain's Hound is a average inn in the New City district of Caemlyn.

Appearance and staffEdit

Culain's Hound is a stone building that is three stories high. It has a red tiled roof. The inn is owned by Master Dilham. Azril is a serving maid.


Alanna Mosvani and Verin Mathwin bring several girls from the Two Rivers to Culain's Hound to rest until traveling on to Tar Valon and the White Tower.

Rand al'Thor visits them when Bael tells him of them. Many of the girls exclaim at seeing Rand.[1]

Alanna and Verin ask if Rand will speak with them privately. When they are alone in one of the inn's dining rooms, Alanna bonds Rand against his will.[2]

Immediately Rand's enraged reaction to the bonding frights a lot the girls.


The inn is most likely named after Culain, the hero of Aldeshar.[3]


The name of this inn refers to the Irish hero Cú Chulainn of the Ulster Cycle, known as the "Hound of Culain."


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