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Da'covale is a term used among the Seanchan for slaves. The term "property" is often used too, as the word means "one who is owned," or "person who is property" in the Old Tongue.

Slavery has a long and unusual history among the Seanchan, with slaves having the ability to rise to positions of great power and open authority, including authority over those who are free. An example of such a position is so'jhin.

Da'covale traditionally wear nearly transparent white robes.[1] When outdoors, these are usually covered by outer robes of thick white wool. Higher ranking da'covale, such as so'jhin, do not wear these robes, and shave half of their heads.

It is also possible for those in positions of great power to be reduced to da'covale. Examples of such da'covale are the former Panarch of Tarabon Amathera and the High Lady Suroth.


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