The Da'shain Aiel are the ancestors of the extinct Jenn Aiel, the modern Aiel, and the Tuatha'an. During the Age of Legends, they were servants of the Aes Sedai and followers of the Way of the Leaf.[1][2]


The Age of LegendsEdit

During the Age of Legends, the Da'shain Aiel served the Aes Sedai and followed the Way of the Leaf. They were distinguished by their work uniforms, cadin'sor, and their red hair. Da'shain had a reputation for humility, amiability, and inoffensiveness to such a degree that the idea of harming one, even unintentionally, was appalling, and the possibility of a Da'shain harming anyone for any reason was inconceivable.[2]

An individual Aes Sedai was commonly served by multiple Da'shain. When two Da'shain who served different Aes Sedai married, one of them would request to transfer their service to their spouse's Aes Sedai so that they could be together.[2] During this time, the Da'shain men also helped the Ogier and the Nym sing to groves of plants to help them grow.

The BreakingEdit

During the Breaking of the World, the Da'shain were given a great undertaking by Solinda Sedai: they were to bring a vast collection of angreal, sa'angreal, and ter'angreal to a place of safety. Thousands of wagons were loaded with these treasures as well as thousands of cuttings of chora trees. They were to travel and seek refuge from the onslaught of destruction happening in the world.

The forming of the Tuatha'anEdit

The first split among the Da'shain Aiel occurred while the Aiel were traveling in the south of the Westlands. Following a raid, some of them, led by Sulwin, decided to forsake the command of the Aes Sedai by abandoning their relics and instead seeking out the Song of Growing. Outraged, Adan stripped Sulwin's group of the right to call themselves Aiel. These people went on to become the Tuatha'an.


See also: Jenn Aiel

Those who kept to the Way continued to try and find a place of safety. They adopted the name "Jenn" and eventually founded the city of Rhuidean.


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