Da'tsang, meaning "despised one" in the Old Tongue, is a term among the Aiel.


A person who has been made da'tsang is forced to wear uncomfortable black wool robes and toil uselessly on unnecessary tasks. Da'tsang are never allowed to do anything worthwhile unless there is great need. Being made da'tsang is considered extremely shameful and is reserved for thieves, liars, and criminals. One becomes a da'tsang once three different Wise Ones say "You are da'tsang".

Known da'tsangEdit

Isendre was made da'tsang by Far Dareis Mai after Lanfear framed her for the theft of some necklaces.[1] Galina Casban was also made da'tsang by the Wise Ones of the Shaido. The Tower Aes Sedai involved in secretly capturing Rand in Cairhien that were taken prisoner after the Battle of Dumai's Wells were also made da'tsang, although that status was revoked when they swore fealty to Rand and it was decided that they had suffered enough.[2]


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