EWoT: Dairaine Saighan

Dairaine Saighan
Biographical information
Nationality Cairhienin
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Slender
Hair color Black, waist-length
Chronological and political information
First mentioned KOD 5
First appeared KOD 28
Last appeared KOD 28
Last mentioned KOD 29
Affiliation House Saighan
Rank Lady
Dairaine Saighan is a Cairhienin who had been made gai'shain by the Shaido.

Appearance Edit

She is slender, with black hair down to her waist.

Activities Edit

She stands just below the High Seat of House Saighan. After being captured by the Shaido, she becomes one of Sevanna's personal gai'shain. She becomes one of Sevanna's favorites due to her telling tales on all the other gai'shain. She walks in on Faile Bashere planning on her escape from Malden. She is rolled up in carpet and kept an eye on by Bain and Chiad until Faile can get away.

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