EWoT: Daise Congar

Daise Congar
Daise Congar
Biographical information
Nationality Andoran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Build Wide, Muscular
Chronological and political information
First appeared TEOTW 1
Last appeared LOC Prologue
Affiliation Two Rivers
Occupation Wisdom
Title Women's Circle Member
For others with the same surname, see The Congars and the Coplins.

Daise Congar is the current Wisdom of Emond's Field.


Daise is a hard-faced, wide but muscular woman. She is twice as wide as her husband, Wit, and a head taller. Perrin says she is 'like a bull'. She is as tall as most men and wider.


She is married to Wit Congar.

Perrin says she has a mean streak and a temper.


As Rand and Tam al'Thor make their way to the village, she appears at the doorway of her home and shouts at her husband for getting involved in Women's Circle business, namely criticizing how their Wisdom behaved.

She became the Wisdom of Emond's Field after it was discovered that Nynaeve would not be returning.

Marin al'Vere threatens Cenn Buie with having Daise call on him to convince him why Village Council business did not take precedence over that of the Women's Circle.

Verin Mathwin sends a girl to get the Wisdom to tend to the wounded. Daise heals the injured at Emond's Field with poultices and ointments.

Daise doesn't want Tinkers in Emond's Field because she thinks they steal belongings and children. Perrin responds angrily, saying that they aren't going to abandon anyone to the Trollocs. Daise looks abashed.[1]

Daise and Marin discuss the rationing in Emond's Field - they have kept it hidden from the men that all the women are on half-rations because they do not need to fight.[2]

Daise and other members of the Women's Circle agree that Faile would qualify as being betrothed to Perrin by the customs of the Two Rivers. She, Brandelwyn al'Vere and the rest of the Women's Circle preside over Perrin's wedding to Faile.[2]

Daise and others devise a plan to rescue the children of Emond's Field if the Trollocs break through the defenses. Daise is armed with a long pitchfork. Later, when the Whitecloaks fail to help and the women join the battle lines, she kills a goat-snouted Trolloc through the throat with her makeshift weapon.[3]

Faile sends Rhea Avin and Sharmad Zeffar to Daise after they have been fighting over Wil al'Seen.

Daise, Edelle Gaelin, Elwinn Taron and Milla al'Azar meet with Faile to discuss events in the Two Rivers. Daise thrusts herself forward to take the lead in the group since Perrin's manor is closer to her own village. Daise now addresses Faile as 'my Lady'. They find talking to Faile easier because of the unexpected effect Perrin's Ta'veren ability has on their resolve.

Daise is having dresses and a gown made for Faile by Therille Marza, a Domani seamstress that has settled in Emond's Field. A gown was Daise's idea, though Faile wonders of what use a ballgown will be in the Two Rivers.


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