Deathgates are a weave of the One Power using Spirit, Earth, and Fire that opens and closes gateways very rapidly, sending them speeding along the ground. Any Shadowspawn that pass through these Deathgates die because the Death Gates are constructs of the One Power, and Shadowspawn cannot survive such a trip. The destination shifts every time a Deathgate opens, and the destinations themselves are random, preventing too many Shadowspawn corpses from accumulating in a single area. Like with a typical gateway, a Deathgate's size is determined by the amount of Power the user can hold.

Along with Arrows of Fire and Fire Blossoms, Deathgates are a recently rediscovered combat weave used by the Asha'man. These weaves were shown to Rand al'Thor when Lews Therin Telamon gained control of the One Power in the Battle at Lord Algarin's manor.[1]


  1. Knife of Dreams, Chapter 19

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