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The Dome of Truth is a building in Amador, capital of Amadicia.

Seat of PowerEdit

Located within the Fortress of the Light, the Dome of Truth is a great audience hall for the Children of the Light[1] in which the Council of the Anointed meets. The Lord Captain Commander presides over the Council while they make policies that effect the entire organization.[2] Although Amadicia has a king, the Children rule the country in all but name; from the Dome of Truth the political strings are pulled.

In the Dome of Truth, arrested Darkfriends stand trial.[3]

Also, a fresco in an alcove on the Dome of Truth depicts the hanging of the corpse of Amyrlin Serenia Latar.[4]


The building, pure white outside, is a hundred paces wide and rises fifty paces at its peak. The inside of the gilded dome is lit by a thousand hanging lamps. Its vast chamber contains a ring of thick white columns, behind which stand a row of smaller columns, all plain but polished to a high shine. In the center of the white marble floor is a simple white marble dais from which the speaker addresses the assembly. Beyond the columns, tall alcoves show triumphant scenes the Childrens' victories, a thousand years in the form of frescoes.[4]


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