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Dorlan is a small village to the East of Tar Valon. Dorlan is the traditional, exclusive source of cheese for the White Tower.[1]

The mayor of Dorlan is Garon Burlow. The village consists of fifteen houses, a village green and a cow barn for each house.

Activities Edit

Covarla Sedai and the other ten Aes Sedai escaped from the Dumai's Wells battle return secretly to the White Tower to tell Elaida about the events. The Amyrlin sends them along the Younglings to the small village of Dorlan to hide the disaster from the Hall. While the sisters are hosted in the houses, the Younglings are living in the barns. During this time Tarna and Katerine Sedai come and go from the village, taking spare, and not-so-spare, rooms from the residents.

Gawyn Trakand is leading his Younglings in Dorlan when they are caught there during the Siege of Tar Valon and Elaida orders them to start a guerilla campaign against the Rebel's army; in that they are helped by the sisters hiding in Dorlan. Gawyn continues to use Dorlan as his main base of operations for the Younglings to harry the Rebel's forces.

When the loyalists learn the Travel weaves from Beonin's betrayal, Katerine returns again to Dorlan to teach them to the sisters there, so they can use the new weaves in their guerilla actions. While there Katerine reveals also to Gawyn the fate of Egwene, so Gawyn leaves Dorlan definitively to reach the Rebel's Army.


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