Drowned Lands map


The Drowned Lands is a region extending from the end of the Spine of the World to the Bay of Remara and Mayene. It is mainly impassable swamp, with little to no open channels of water. In the Drowned Lands, any expanse of dry land more than a hundred paces wide is considered huge. Passage through the Drowned Lands to reach the Aiel Waste does exist, but is almost impossible to survive, as the waterless Termool stands between the two locations.

The Drowned Lands hold a number of fascinating and strange species of animals, such as many brightly colored birds, nedar, which is essentially a tusked water-pig, a type of giant rat called a soetam, and the swamp cat, which loves to swim unlike its land-bound cousin.

Although the creatures of the Drowned Lands can be fascinating to see, the expanse also holds a number of extremely dangerous and venomous types of animals. Several varieties of snakes can easily kill a person, and there exist water-lizards, which can grow up to twenty feet in length and hold a set of very powerful jaws.[1]



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