Dhearic, of the Reyn Aiel, a Duadhe Mahdi'in before becoming clan chief.

The Duadhe Mahdi'in is an Aiel warrior society. The name means "Water Seekers" in the Old Tongue.

Role Edit

The Water Seekers are adept at locating hard to find water in the Three-fold land, and are best at getting meat from dead animals and using that meat to create palatable meals from them.  They also are well trained in discerning the difference between dangerous plants, and edible ones.


Members of the Duadhe Mahdi'in, along with members of the Aethan Dor, Far Aldazar Din, Far Dareis Mai, Seia Doon, and Sha'mad Conde helped Rand al'Thor find a Portal Stone outside Tear.[1] Once, Rand sent the Duadhe Mahdi'in out as scouts. This pleased Dhearic, who was a Water Seeker before becoming clan chief.[2] All of the societies, including the Duadhe Mahdi'in, accompanied Rand al'Thor from the Sun Palace in Cairhien to Caemlyn in Andor to battle Rahvin and his forces.[3]


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