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EWoT: Duhara Basaheen

Duhara Basaheen
Duhara Basaheen
Biographical information
Nationality Domani
Date of birth 764 NE
Date of death 1000 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Build Slim
Eye color Big, Dark
Chronological and political information
First appeared NS 14
Last appeared AMOL 23
Affiliation Black Ajah
Occupation Dreadlord
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Red Ajah
"The White Tower looks amiss on wilders gathering together. When the Tower looks on something amiss, thrones have been known to tremble."
   —Duhara Basaheen

Duhara Basaheen was an Aes Sedai and a Sitter of the Red Ajah. For a time she also held the position of Keeper of the Chronicles. She was also secretly part of the Black Ajah.

Appearance Edit

Duhara was tall, slim and beautiful with big dark eyes, full lips, and the typical Domani coppery skin. She had worn, on both occasions we have met her, red skirts so dark they almost seemed black.

Strength and Abilities Edit

Being for a while the Keeper and a Sitter in the Hall means that Duhara was also a high ranking sister and a strong channeller by Aes Sedai standards. Thus she had the strength needed to use the Traveling weave.

This is not confirmed by "The Wheel of Time Companion" where her level of strength is described only as 23(11). But this is probably a mistake because ten levels below the strongest Sitters would mean that Duhara was too weak a Sitter compared to them. However, her time spent in white, a total of 21 years, might indicate that this was indeed her true level of strength. In addition, Moiraine refers to how weak Duhara was compared to herself, long before Moiraine reached her full potential.


Duhara was born in Arad Doman in 764 NE and went to the White Tower in 779 NE. She was a novice for twelve years and Accepted for nine. She was raised in 800 NE.

She was Keeper of the Chronicles under the reign of the Amyrlin Sierin Vayu. Sierin had been raised from the Gray Ajah, but she had always maintained a great affinity with the Reds and she chose two Reds as Keeper and as Mistress of Novices.

Since Duhara was over two-hundred years old, it is quite possible that by the time she was chosen as Keeper, she was already Black Ajah.

Even the mention of male channelers made her angry. Her reaction to the bonding of male channelers by her own Ajah remains to be seen.

Activities Edit

She was a Sitter in the Hall for a brief time and had remained loyal to the White Tower during the split. She was raised to replace Teslyn Baradon. Elaida thought that she was Duhara's mistress—and it did seem that way.

Sent to adviseEdit

Duhara was sent by Elaida to be the Aes Sedai advisor to Elayne. The other Aes Sedai in the White Tower were unaware that Duhara had been sent to Caemlyn.

She refused to accept Elayne as being Aes Sedai, because to do so would be to acknowledge the authority of Egwene al'Vere as Amyrlin Seat and accept Elaida's defeat.

She made outrageous demands of Elayne and insisted that Elayne needed her and the Tower to help her win Andor. She also believed that the Houses had not joined Elayne's cause because they knew she didn't have the backing of the Tower. Elayne was furious and unlikely to accept an advisor from Elaida or even an ambassador. She refused Duhara a room in the Caemlyn Palace and said she would have to find an inn to stay in.

Before leaving the Caemlyn Palace, Duhara threatened the Kin present there with the full might of the Tower if they did not disperse themselves. Now that Elayne has won the Lion Throne, her own beliefs seem to have been shattered.

She purposely began to meet with Ellorien Traemane so as to be seen meeting with Elayne's enemies to send a warning.

Black Ajah Edit

She was listed in Verin Mathwin's book as a member of the Black Ajah.

The Last Battle Edit

During the Last Battle, Duhara and Falion Bhoda faced off against a circle led by Aviendha in the valley of Thakan'dar. After a short duel with the One Power, the two Black sisters were incinerated by Aviendha.

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