For the chapter in The Dragon Reborn, see Easing the Badger.

Easing the Badger is an inn in Illian. It is owned by Nieda Sidoro, with her nephew, Bili, working there as a bouncer.


The inn is two stories high and built with rough, green-veined stone. It has a pale green tiled roof and sawdust on the floor. The sign over the door shows a big, white-striped badger dancing on its hind legs with a man carrying a silver shovel.


Three Cairhienin men approach Bayle Domon to have him transport a prisoner from Mayene to Illian. It was, in fact, a ploy to capture Captain Domon.[1] Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran, Perrin Aybara, Faile Bashere, and Loial stay at Easing the Badger on their way through Illian. While there, they kill six Gray Men.[2] When Moiraine discovers that Lord Brend is actually Sammael, they leave Easing the Badger and Illian.[3]


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