Egwene al'Vere's Council was set up so that she could be advised by a single sister from each of the six Ajahs among the Rebel Aes Sedai.

The bulk of it was made up of the Salidar Six, minus Sheriam Bayanar who was already Egwene's Keeper of the Chronicles. The sixth member of the council was Nisao Dachen, who had also sworn an oath of allegiance to Egwene. She used the oaths they had sworn to her to force them to get themselves chosen as the representative of their respective Ajahs. This was no easy task for some of them, but they managed to do it. This meant that she was surrounded with advisors that she felt she could trust - as much as you can trust any Aes Sedai, at least.

Curiously, the Council closely resembles the "seven women closely advising" the very first Amyrlin Seat, Elisane Tishar, the first Ajah Heads. It has been speculated that several on the Council were Ajah Heads - Anaiya of the Blue, Myrelle of the Green, Carlinya of the White and Morvrin among the Brown - and some of them truly proved to be, or showed strong evidence to be. In an eerie way, Elisane's council marked the beginning of an Age - and Egwene's council may be a signal of the coming end of an Age.

Members of the CouncilEdit

The members of Egwene's Council were as follows:


After Anaiya was murdered, the Blue Ajah chose Maigan as her replacement on the Council. This, however, made things difficult for Egwene and the others since Maigan had not sworn her allegiance as the others had. She also clashed with the other five members of the Council.


After the capture of Egwene, the Council really had no one to advise. Beonin took the opportunity to return to the White Tower. Morvrin also seems to be happy that she no longer has to play a part as Egwene's advisor.

After reunification of the White Tower the sisters in this Council have lost their former importance, some of them are never mentioned again.

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