Eldrene's Veil is a waterfall formed by the Tarendrelle River as it flows out of the Mountains of Mist.

Two Rivers

The Two Rivers; Eldrene's Veil is west of Taren Ferry.


The waterfall is located along the northern limits of the Two Rivers region of Andor just west of the village of Taren Ferry and above the eastern foothills of the mountains. Travelers to this location must journey on foot for several days west of the village and then continue through the Sand Hills to begin an assent of the lower reaches of the mountains in order to reach the waterfall.


"Eldrene, so beautiful that it was said the flowers bloomed to make her smile."
   —Moiraine Damodred[1]

Evidence suggests that the waterfall did not exist during the Age of Legends when the entire area was covered by the shallows of a great ocean.[2] During the Breaking of the World insane male Channelers raised the Mountains of Mist and drove back the sea. Due to the unnatural formation of the mountains, there are several locations within the range where cliffs are exceptionally sheer; having endured little to no geologic erosion in the three-thousand years since their creation. The location of the waterfall is one such location - where mountain runoff is channeled into a dramatic cascade, spilling for over 500 feet down sheer cliff walls.


Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan, the last queen of Manetheren.

In the years following the breaking people began to settle along the mountain foothills to exploit a great wealth of ore exposed in the range. These settlements eventually evolved into towns and cities that would birth the nation of Manetheren. It is not known how Manetheren regarded the spectacular waterfall in the years leading towards the Trolloc Wars. Manetheren itself was eventually destroyed circa 1200 AB following the Battle of the Tarendrelle River.[1] The devastation of Manetheren left behind a lasting impression of that nations' last queen, Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan. Queen Eldrene had been a beloved figurehead of her people, so beautiful that she had been named Ellisande, which translates from the Old Tongue as "The Rose of the Sun".[3]

As settlers returned to the area during the Free Years, some became emotionally moved by the majestic waterfall along the limits of the mountains. They named it Eldrene's Veil in memory of the beauty of Manetheren's last queen.


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