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EWoT: Erim

Biographical information
Nationality Aiel
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Red, going white
Eye color Green
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TSR 49
First appeared TSR 57
Last appeared LOC 4
Affiliation Car'a'carn
Occupation Clan chief

Erim is the clan chief of the Chareen Aiel.


He is an older man with his red hair starting to go white, and with green eyes.


He is present at Alcair Dal when Rand al'Thor declares himself Car'a'carn the same time Couladin does.[1] After this he takes his clan to Rhuidean while waiting for all the rest of the clans to gather there.[2]

He leads his Aiel clan when he is sent to the Plains of Maredo when Rand gathers a massive army in preparation for the attack on Illian.


  1. The Shadow Rising, Chapter 57
  2. The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2

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