EWoT: Essenia

Political information
Head of State First Lord Cristol
Region Southeastern Westlands
Primary terrain Plains, swamp
Points of interest Stone of Tear
Capital Aren Mador
Cities Tear, Dalsande
Affiliation Ten Nations
Historical information
Date of establishment After the Breaking
Date of fragmentation After Trolloc Wars
Era After Breaking

Essenia was one of the Ten Nations. It arose after the Breaking of the World and fell in the aftermath of the Trolloc Wars. Essenia was famous for its philosophers and seats of learning.



In red location within the Ten Nations

Essenia was located in the southeast of the Westlands. It stretched from the Manetherendrelle and Shal rivers to the Spine of the World, and from the Sea of Storms to the northern edge of Haddon Mirk. It was bordered by Eharon to the west and Coremanda and Almoren to the north. Its capital was Aren Mador, which later became Far Madding. Its other major, Ogier-built cities were Tear and Dalsande.

Essenia consisted of all of modern Tear and Mayene, the eastern half of Illian, all of the Plains of Maredo, and parts of Haddon Mirk and the Hills of Kintara.


Essenia arose in the aftermath of the Breaking of the World. The city of Tear was its first and oldest city, but the capital was made at Aren Mador instead. Essenia was not ruled by a single ruler, but by a coalition of nobles. First Lord Cristol brought Essenia into the Compact of the Ten Nations in 209 AB.

Although like all human lands it suffered grievous losses, Essenia survived the Trolloc Wars only to collapse in its aftermath. Moreina, Talmour, Fergansea, and Esandara arose out of its ruins.

Compact of the Ten Nations

Aelgar | Almoren | Aramaelle | Aridhol | Coremanda | Eharon | Essenia | Jaramide | Manetheren | Safer

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