The Ever Victorious Army is the name given to the Seanchan army because it has never been defeated. While it has lost battles, it is by description ever adapting and switches strategies and methods so that the next time it confronts the enemy, they'll be sure to win.


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Seanchan helmet

A typical Seanchan soldier wears a uniform of red, green and gold painted steel plates and dark leather.[1][2]

"The helmet looked very much like some monstrous insect's head, with thin red plumes like feelers; the wearer seemed to be peering out through mandibles. It was painted and gilded to increase the effect, and the rest of the man's armor was also worked with paint and gold. Overlapping plates in black and red outlined with gold covered his chest and ran down the outsides of his arms and the fronts of his thighs. Even the steel backs of his gauntlets were red and gold. Where he did not wear metal, his clothes were dark leather."
   —Description of a Seanchan uniform[1]




Deathwatch GuardsEdit

The Deathwatch Guards are an elite unit in the Ever Victorious Army made up of both men and Ogier Gardeners. The humans are da'covale and are the private property of the Empress. Their uniform differs from the standard infantry uniform as it is red and a dark green that is commonly mistaken for black and lacks the gold outlining

S'redit handlersEdit

S'redit handlers are used to care for and train s'redit for the army.

Fists of HeavenEdit

The Fists of Heaven are the morat'raken and morat'to'raken in the Ever Victorious Army. they are specialized airborne soldiers and usually small of stature and fly raken and to'raken respectivly. the officers are know as Captain of the Air.


The Bloodknives are an elite subgroup of the Fists of Heaven. They ride double with a regular Fist and are dropped off to do massive damage behind enemy lines. They never return from battle due to the nature of their specialized ter'angreal.

Ever Victorious NavyEdit

The Seanchan navy is so far known to have at least three officer ranks Ship captain, Captain of the Green and Captain of the Gold.


Notable losses in the Westlands include the Ebou Dar defeat by the Legion of the Dragon, aided by Asha'man and Rand al'Thor himself, the minor strikes sowing chaos carried out by Rodel Ituralde's forces and at the hands of the Band of the Red Hand under Mat Cauthon.

Known Members of the Ever Victorious ArmyEdit


The Ever Victorious Army is a reference to an imperial army in 19th century China.


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