Map of Caemlyn

The Fall of Caemlyn was the first in a series of battles fought as the initial conflict of the Last Battle between various groups representing the Light and the Shadow.

The Fall of Caemlyn

After Elayne Trakand, Queen of Andor and born of Caemlyn had left with the majority of her armies and half the Band of the Red Hand by gateway for the Field of Merrilor, Talmanes Delovinde and Olver discovered that Trollocs had invaded the city through the Waygate there. Talmanes reacted quickly, gathering what is left of the Band and all the other mercenaries outside of Caemlyn and defended a gate, allowing thousands to escape the Trollocs' slaughter. He later divided some of his forces to save Aludra's Dragons, on the way meeting up with Charlz Guybon, Captain of the Queen's Guards, who reported that the Kinswomen left by Queen Elayne had been attacked and most of them killed, rendering it impossible to send for reinforcements. Together Talmanes and Guybon decided it to be impossible to save the city, and fled it, making use of the Dragons by blowing a wall out.