EWoT: Farran

Children of the Light Banner
Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Build Very large
Chronological and political information
First appeared TSR 1
Last appeared TSR 56
Affiliation Children of the Light
Occupation Soldier
Rank Hundredman

Farran is one of the Children of the Light.


He is a bearded boulder of a man. He is thick-bodied and massive.


He holds the rank of Hundredman and is a good soldier.

He despises Tinkers.


He is under the command of Dain Bornhald when the Children of the Light go to the Two Rivers. He sends a messenger to Dain reporting his suspicions that Padan Fain may have murdered some Tinkers that he had been seen talking to previously.[1]

Dain orders Farran to talk to Raen and the Tinkers without any violence.[2]

Farran is keen to put the Two Rivers captives to the question, though Dain is not so quick to use the methods of the Questioners.

Farran pulls out his sword when Perrin Aybara refuses to hand himself over after the defeat of the Shadowspawn in Emond's Field. He looks at Perrin with a look of regret after he chastises the Children for doing nothing in the defense of the village. Whether this regret is due to shame at the Children's inaction or because he does not have the opportunity to do more violence is not clear from the text.


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  2. The Shadow Rising, Chapter 31

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