The Feast of Abram occurs on the ninth day of Jumara.[1] The holiday honors travelers and visitors. Traditionally honeycake is served into which prizes have been baked.

"The meanest farmer would have offered a cup and a kiss to a vagabond on the Feast of Abram."
   —Egwene al'Vere's thoughts on the feast.[2]

The Feast is celebrated in Tarabon, Amadicia, Ghealdan, Andor, Altara, Murandy, Illian, Tear, and Cairhien. In Tear, Illian, and the southern half of Altara, the time between the Feast of Abram and the Feast of Fools is considered the most propitious for a wedding.


The book of Genesis tells the story of Abraham, who was first called Abram. He was renowned for his hospitality to traveling strangers.


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