EWoT: Felaana Bevaine

Felaana Bevaine
Felaana Bevaine
Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Slim
Hair color Yellow, Gleaming
Chronological and political information
First appeared NS 17
Last appeared KOD 24
Affiliation White Tower
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Brown Ajah

Felaana Bevaine is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.

Appearance Edit

Felaana is slim with yellow hair and a raspy voice. Egwene thinks that her hair gleams as if she brushes it several times a day.

Strength and Abilities Edit

She is strong enough in the One Power that she can sternly reprimand Katerine Alruddin, who is not weak in the Power herself[1].

Her level of strength, according to "The Wheel of Time Companion", is 17(5). This strength is enough to open a suitable gateway for Traveling.

History Edit

Her name could indicate a Shienaran origin, this is, however, never confirmed.

While Moiraine Damodred is out searching for the Dragon Reborn she meets up with several Aes Sedai in Kandor, Felaana being one among them. Felaana thinks she is a Wilder rather than an Aes Sedai who has not reached the ageless look yet and tries to convice Moiraine to come to the White Tower[2].


She has remained loyal to the White Tower during the split.

Felaana was one of the Aes Sedai involved in capturing Egwene at Southharbor and bringing her to the White Tower, along with Barasine, Katerine Alruddin, Berisha Terakuni, and Jala Bandevin. She complains that physical violence is not necessary when Katerine slaps Egwene and grabs Katerine's wrist when she tries to slap Egwene a second time[1].

Felaana appears to sympathasise with Egwene, preferring to wash her hands of whatever Elaida had planned for Egwene.

She and Negaine find Beonin Marinye wandering in the Tower while she is disguised as a Taraboner petitioner and bring her to Elaida[3].

Felaana and Dalevien maintain a shield on Leane Sharif when Egwene comes to visit her in her cell. Felaana tells Egwene that Silviana Brehon had permitted her to speak with Leane[4].


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