EWoT: Fireheart

Biographical information
Current Status Alive
Animal type Horse
Physical description
Gender Gelding
Color Black
Chronological and ownership information
First appeared TPOD 20
Owner Elayne Trakand

Fireheart is the name of Elayne Trakand's horse.


Fireheart is a tall, black gelding.


After Lioness is killed, Elayne acquires Fireheart from Master Hornwell.[1] Fireheart carries Elayne to Caemlyn.[2] Fireheart is used by Elayne throughout several activities done by Elayne; riding through the streets of Caemlyn,[3] meeting with the Borderlander rulers,[4] returning from House Matherin,[5] and defending Caemlyn's walls from an attack from Arymilla Marne.[6] Fireheart is also riden by Elayne when she is captured by the Black Ajah.[7]


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