The First Age, the Age before the Age of Legends, ended many thousands of years before the time of the novels. Little is known of this period of history, save that the portal stones come from this epoch. There are stories of this time which gleemen still tell, although they are no doubt heavily corrupted from the original events. It is implied that this era is the one in which the readers live - that is to say modern day, real life. This view is contested by some, but is hinted at by several legends mentioned throughout the series and certain artifacts in the Panarch's Palace.


Throughout WOT, many mythological figures are mentioned who seem to be references to real-world history. These include;

  • Lenn, who "flew to the moon in the belly of an eagle made of fire", and Salya, his daughter who "walked among the stars". Jordan has confirmed these to be references to John Glenn and Sally Ride, respectively. The "eagle made of fire" is a rendition of an apollo rocket, and its description as such may be a reference to Neil Armstrong's first words as the Apollo 11 Lunar module touched down on the moon's surface, "The eagle has landed." (Source needed).
  • Mosk the Giant, who "wielded a lance of fire which could reach around the world", and fought wars against another giant, Merk. The legends of Mosk and Merk may stem from the Cold War, with Mosk's name deriving from the word "Moscow", the soviet capital city, and Merk's from the word "America". In this case, Mosk's "lance of fire" would refer to the Soviets' Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Technology and their ability to strike a target anywhere on earth.
  • Elsbr. [1]et, the Queen of All, who is likely a reference to Queen Elizabeth. [1]
  • Materese the Healer, Mother of the Wondrous Ind, who could refer to Mother Teresa.


The portal stones found in random locations across the world are said to be older than the Age of Legends, and even the Aes Sedai of the Second Age were uncertain of their precise origin and operation.

The museum of the Panarch's Palace in Tanchico holds several items said to date from this age, including a freize depicting animals unknown in the Third Age (including what is recognizably a giraffe) and a strange symbol representing hubris, which resembles a three-pronged star (this is reminiscent of the hood ornament from a Mercedes-Benz car).

Possible artifactsEdit

The glass columns of Rhuidean may have existed before the Age of Legends. Aviendha, who has a Talent of reading ter'angreal, is stupified and unable to succesfully read the glass columns. Aviendha herself doubts that Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends understood how it worked. [2]


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