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First Chair is the title of the Head of the Brown Ajah Council. Unlike the rest of the Ajahs, the Brown does not have a single Head but a council, with the leader of this council considered first among equals, but with at least some additional authority when compared to other Brown Ajah Council members, as evidenced by her ability to unilaterally select Juilaine, one of the Too Young Sitters.

Title holdersEdit

The First Chair of the Brown Ajah Council is Jesse Bilal, who also filled the role in the Tower during the White Tower Schism. It is unknown who served as First Chair, or on the Brown Council, among the Rebels. Takima and Janya Frende were both Sitters before the split, so it is possible that one or both may have been members. Morvrin was also one of the sisters instrumental in setting up the Salidar camp and may also be on the Brown Ajah Council. It has been suggested that because Myrelle, who was also part of the cabal that organized the rebellion, was the Captain-General among the Greens, Movrin may have led the Browns.

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