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When it comes to epics like Dune, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, being a fan of anime I can't help but think "man this would make a great anime series". I kinda feel like a lot of them deal with such amazing characters and effects that I wouldn't trust a live movie not to ruin it, plus they can be so massive it's hard to think of a film (or even TV) series covering them in full.

Although too many changes seem bad, minor changes like presentation are kind of appealing. Like with Dune, I thought it would be neat to start from the Butlerian Jihad (Frank's son Brian's prequels) and in the case of WoT, since there is the "New Spring" prequel focusing on Moiraine and Siuan, we could start there.

I was thinking the series could be called "Pillow Friends" and focus on the adventures of Aes Sedai. It could actually cover a lot more than New Spring did, such as the early days in the tower of both Moiraine and Siuan as novices. Eventually it could run through that up through the events of Eye of the World and so forth.

I was greatly affected by major things that happened with them (will not mention in case of spoilers) but I think it would have an even greater impact if we essentially grow up with them.

From Wikipedia:Dakimura I know the Japanese word for pillow is "makura" and from watching a lot of One Piece I know a friend-like word (actually much stronger than friend, it's like adventure-bro) is "Nakama". So it could be called "Makura Nakama" or something like that. Perhaps would a subtitle like "Wheel of Time Aes Sedai Adventures" (WOTASA). I think this would be very catchy.

Not that I want to ignore the all-important Taveren dude trio from the Three Rivers or anything. But I have found as things go on that the Aes Sedai seem to get more and more focus in the series anyway (I'm just midway through Knife of Dreams atm) so may as well reflect that. WOTASA could just be the subtitle for the prequel series and then it could be dropped once the Ta'veren main storyline from RJ's original novels take place.

I remember I actually got Eye of the World in 2 parts ("From the Three Rivers" and "Into the Blight") and those titles would make great story arc lines too I think. Each of them might make a whole season, really. Kind of like how Dune should get divided into "Dune World" and "Prophet of Dune".

Man... I wonder if such a dream could ever happen. Does anyone know how many of the WoT (if any) have been translated into Japanese novels? I think that would be the first step in drawing their attention to it. Maybe that could spark a manga adaptation of it or something, which could lead into an anime.

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