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Is Gareth Bryne a blademaster? His Wiki-page and the Blademaster-page both claim that he is, but I'm not convinced. Neither page has a reference and I honestly can't remember a single mention of him being a blademaster.

I know he used to teach both Gawyn and Galad when they were young and he's certainly not useless around a sword, but we also know that both of them have since surpassed Bryne with their skills: When Gawyn meets Bryne again in the rebel's camp outside Tar Valon after abandoning the Younglings he claims to be able to beat Bryne in a swordfight. Bryne even agrees with Gawyn's claim.

All this is only theoretical, so if anyone has hard proof to contradict or agree with me, that'd be great.

The Gathering Storm, Chapter 40. As Siuan wakes up, Gareth Bryne has his heron-marked sword drawn. Only three ways to get that kind of sword: find or steal one, kill a blademaster and take his, or be pronounced a blademaster. I don't see Lord Bryne stealing one or using one he found. ---- Willie - HtS 17:46, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

Fair enough. Strictly speaking, this is not exactly proof, but I'm convinced. Doesn't explain why both Bryne and Gawyn are sure that Gawyn would win in a duel between them. Gawyn being younger and faster does not really compensate for Bryne's experience. Thanks anyway.