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I just finished reading the whole series from beginnning to end and I used this wiki a lot to help jog my memory of who someone was from one book to the next. But, there is one big flaw in this wiki, if you look up a charcter, one of the first things you see is "Current Status: Dead/Alive"

I think that category should be removed. It is a huge spoiler and not needed. The current status should only be revealed after clicking past the spoiler warning.

Take Rand and Egwene for instance. (Spoiler Alert)               If you were to start reading about these two characters. You would immediately discover that Rand lived through the Last Battle, and at some point Egwene dies.

Also, the "Affiliation: Black Ajah/White Tower should similarly be removed.  For instance, if you wanted to read about Verin, you would see that she is Black Ajah.

Just my opinion, but I think these changes would make a great wiki even greater.

I am tempted to agree with this. The problem then is that after reading the first line the article talks past tense about them indicating their demise in the series. I think you should have to read through the entire article before getting to the end and then finding that that person has actually died at some stage--GuanYu79 (talk) 00:43, March 25, 2013 (UTC)