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Unexceptional Accepted

I am quite confused why Elayne did not kill Temaile (of the Black Ajah) or allow Amathera to kill her when she discovered her torturing the Panarch. Since she could not take her with and leaving her alive is not a great idea, logically killing her would be best, afterall she works for the Great Lord of the Dark.

also, why in the world would they both trust Egeanin (the Seanchan) to dispose of one of their most important discoveries, the black collar and bracelets that allow control over a male that channels.

I see these decisions coming back to haunt someone in future pages.

I am only as far as Chapter 16 of The Fires of Heaven.

I won't spoil anything that happens, but I will answer your questions. Elayne didn't kill the Black Ajah members, because, well, the "supergirls" (at least at that point in the series) are pretty soft. They wouldn't kill anyone without a trial. As for the Eaginin, well, the girls are pretty trusting. Honestly, they would trust anyone. In other words, they are "fresh meat." They are inexperienced with dealing with these kinds of matters. MegaZeroX 22:20, January 31, 2012 (UTC)