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In book 4, the shadow rising, right at the end of chapter 55 Jordan writes:

Nynaeve could not see the glow of saidar, of course, but the intent way the girl was looking at the vile objects...

I was under the impression that women who could channel COULD see the glow of saidar. Did I somehow miss that Nynaeve doesn't have that?

Thanks, Ian

i was of a mind that b/c she blocked herself as long as she was not embracing the source, she could not see the flows

Acidloe: Yes, Jordan mentions this several times and it's heavily implied that while she's unable to channel, Nynaeve is unable to see or sense Saidar. In other words she can only see the flows, sense channelling, sense the ability to channel and sense Saidar when she's angry enough to actually channel.