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I would like to know from which book, and which part of the book, can we conclude that Rand's latest sword happens to be Justice, the sword of Artur Hawking.

I'd like to request you create a page on the sword, or add the book and chapter in the notes at the end of the Rand page.

Appreciate if you'd help me!


TGS 1 shows that scholars found a sword and presented it to Rand. Though it is old, he recognizes it from his own memories. Later, in TGS 35, being at Falme reminds Rand of the sword when he first saw it when Mat blew the Horn of Valere in TGH 47. ---- Willie - HtS 06:51, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks alot! I was checking KOD for the sword presentation! I had a brilliant theory that his sword might have been Seanchan High Lord Turak's Heronmarked Sword. BUt clearly if it was presented to him by scholars, it must be justice...
Thank You,