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Who were they to?

After Nynaeve and Elayne is freed from Ronde Macura drugging them, the book states that she then sends off a bird with a letter to someone, and then she writes another (I can't check right now whether it was an identical letter or not) to someone else.

And then the gardener or something goes in the mail-bird room, sees what she wrote from the marks in the paper below and sends a 3rd letter to a 3rd person.

Who are these 3 letters to?

We can infer that one of them was for the Aes Sedai at Tar Valon under Elaida, but what of the other 2? This has really boggled me since I read it. (I'm only at start of Lord of Chaos yet, but don't be afraid to spoil stuff. I enjoy spoilers, it make me understand some things easier.) Beverfar (talk) (contrib)

I don't think we ever really learn. Avi Shendar's copy may have been going to Amador, but no Whitecloak ever mentions forkroot, and it's something they'd dearly love to get their hands on, I'm sure. It's possible she was already working as a double-agent for the Seanchan, but that doesn't seem like their style... (and when they do come to Amadicia in ACoS, it's REALLY unambiguous). On the gripping hand, the Seanchan do learn about it and make use of it fairly quickly and efficiently, but then they are efficient about everything! -- nae'blis 16:08, October 16, 2012 (UTC)