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Hi all. There's a reason my moniker is Pedantic--I fixate on words and grammar. One of the things I notice a lot in this wiki (and for that matter, a lot of other wikis) is that in any given paragraph tenses are not made to agree. For example, I see a lot of this (totally made up, BTW):

Jonetta was Aes Sedai from the Green ajah. She is pretty...

The grammaticfally correct way to say this is:

Jonetta is Aes Sedai...


Jonetta was Aes Sedai...She was pretty...

We aspire to a professional level of writing in this wiki (and well we should!). One of the swiftest indicators that we are not yet at that level is such a minor indicator as poor tense agreement, so I encourage you all to think about tense when writing your contributions.

And please be advised that I have made at least one grammatical error in this message to give you all the opportunity to tell me how poor is my usage of the English language (grin).

Finally, if this is the wrong forum for this input, please let me know so I can learn.

Pedantic 20:23, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

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