Lets debate about the ages of the characters.

We all know the age of Rand, Perrin, and Mat and some other main characters, so if anyone wants to give their opinions of the ages of some of the characters, say Thom, Moriaine, Siuan, and etc.
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I loved all the books, including the prologue, and am eagerly awaiting the last book. I finoshed the ToM awhile ago (and have since finished SoIF book 5 and eagerly await the next!), so the details are not fresh. So without any evidence or explanation...I initially imagined Thom to be in his late fifties. I figured Moiraine and Siuan to be in their 40s. Now I imagine Thom to be a bit younger, but not much. Good question! I hope others choose to contribute opinions. I'm now re-reading the series, in the middle of EotW. It's much slower-going the second time through, but very interesting to see the foreshadowing - he really knew what he was doing from the beginning! Great characters, stories, desciptions, but much easier to fall asleep when I know what is going to happen! RRebeccada 05:24, June 23, 2012 (UTC)