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is it just me or does it seem like sometimes the terms "one power" and "true power" are used interchangeably? i know there is a difference but it seems like persons unable to channel the true power are noted as doing so

I belive you are referring to the "One Power" and "True Source" being used interchangeably; they are the same thing. Then there's the True Power, always referred to as such, which is Shaitan's Power, like the True Source/One Power is the Creator's Power. ASisterOfTheBlue (talk) 21:42, March 23, 2014 (UTC)

I agree with the above assessment but will admit that the similarity of the terms for the different powers did cause me to often re-read passages to ensure that I was correctly interpreting the idea being presented. However I have now come to the conclusion that this confusion was harbourerd by Jordan on purpose to make us question the exact relationship between the Dark One and the Creator; is one a dark mirror of the other with opposite polarity like negative and positive energy; is the Dark one a failed creation of the Creator that is imbued with his power but has corrupted this or is the Dark One merely a darker aspect of the Creator himself; one that he locks away in much the same way we control our own inner daemons and that the story of the wheel of time is just a visual way of seeing the Creator's on struggle with said Daemons.

Tear of the Dragon.