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Okay, I admit it, I am an obsessive-compulsive fixer of typos and punctuation wherever I see it...except I have so far resisted changing *any* typo or punctuation mistakes in the interviews. For example just this evening I saw something like this in an interview (I am making the actual text up, but the actual error in punctuation happened):

RJ: I typed three chapters that day. they were all good work.

Now its obvious that "they" should have been "They." Someone made a mistake in typing. Is that fair game for an editor's touch? Or, because it is a personal interview, do we leave it alone?

I am not asking whether prose should be smoothed, or grammar fixed. The answer to both subjects are clearly "no." And neither should reported facts be changed. But obvious typos and punctuation; shouldn't they be fixed?

Pedantic 00:19, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

As long as the interview isn't a chat transcript, correcting typos and punctuation shouldn't be a problem. Transcripts are kind of a grey area in regaurds to spelling and punctuation. ---- Willie - HtS 03:21, November 15, 2011 (UTC)