Four Kings is a village in Andor located at the junction of the Caemlyn Road and the road leading south to Lugard. It is a drab, careworn place used mostly as a stopover by merchants' wagon trains. The Dancing Cartman, an inn that's run by Saml Hake, is located there, along with several other hostelries including the Royal Inn.

Four Kings is located on the site of the Battle of Four Kings, where Andor won a major victory over four rival kingdoms during the War of the Hundred Years.

Siuan Sanche had an agent who worked as the "eyes-and-ears" for either her personal network or the Blue Ajah network in the Four Kings. The woman was only one she could trust between Tar Valon and Lugard after she had been deposed as the Amyrlin Seat, but the woman had disappeared. This meant she had to go to Duranda Tharne in Lugard instead.[1]


  1. The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 11

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