EWoT: Frielle Anan

Altara Flag
Frielle Anan
Biographical information
Nationality Altaran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First appeared LOC 52
Last appeared WH 19
Occupation Maid

Frielle Anan is an Ebou Dari woman, the daughter of Jasfer and Setalle Anan. Her siblings are Marah, Ross, and Leral.


Frielle is pretty, just like her mother.[1]


Frielle works at The Wandering Woman with her mother. When Matrim Cauthon and his party are in Ebou Dar and staying at the Wandering Woman, Frielle takes care of Olver. While she often said that she wanted to have six sons, Mat thinks that after taken care of the boy, she may wish to have a few daughters.[1] A short time before Mat's party left Ebou Dar, Frielle got married. It is not known who she married. This is a great annoyance and source of jealousy for her older sister, Marah.[2]


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