Large altara map

The Great North Road, spanning a large part of Altara from southwest to northwest toward Lugard

The Great North Road is one of the major highways of the Westlands. It links the city of Ebou Dar in Altara to Lugard, the capital of Murandy. In northwest Altara, the road is also known as the Lugard Road.

Beginning in Ebou Dar, the Great North Road passes through the towns of Weesin, So Tehar, Alkindar, Coramen, Jurador, Runnien Crossing, Mederin and Remen. It crosses the River Manetherendrelle before reaching Lugard. The town of Malden is also believed to lie close to the road in Altara, along with the ruins of the city of Londaren Cor.

The Great North Road runs through the Damona Mountains at the Molvaine Gap, by way of the Malvide Narrows. In the spring of 1000 NE two significant battles were fought close to the road: the Battle of Malden and the Battle of the Malvide Narrows.

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