A Great Stump is a meeting of Ogier elders from every stedding. The Great Stump often will drag on for a long time, as is the way of Ogier. No decisions are reached without thorough, rational discussions. It is called for during times of great change and when important decisions must be made that will affect all of the Ogier.

A Great Stump has recently been called for the first time in a thousand years. Various stedding take turns hosting the meeting; this time it is taking place at Shangtai.[1] The Great Stump gathers to debate the opening of the Book of Translation, and the possible departure of the Ogier from the world.[2] Loial plans to speak at the Great Stump to argue against the opening of the Book of Translation. He wants to convince the Ogier to take up arms alongside humans once more to fight the shadow at Tarmon Gai'don.


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