EWoT: Guaire Amalasan

Guaire Amalasan
Biographical information
Nationality Darmovanin
Date of death FY 943
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TEOTW 14
Last mentioned WH 24
Title False Dragon

Guaire Amalasan was born in Darmovan - modern day Arad Doman - and was one of the most powerful False Dragons of the Third Age. The conflict to capture him became known as the War of the Second Dragon.

History Edit

He declared himself the Dragon in FY 939. Six Aes Sedai tried to take him captive; he killed one and stilled two others.[1] He was able to conquer almost half of the Westlands in the war known as the War of the Second Dragon, including taking the city of Far Madding in only three weeks.[2] Eventually he was defeated by Artur Hawkwing and gentled by the White Tower in FY 943.[3]


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