The Guild of Illuminators is a society of Illuminators founded in Tanchico and are a guild to hold and protect the secret of making illuminations (fireworks). The Guild were known to go great lengths to guard it's secrets, even to the cost of murder. No one not born into the guild is allowed access to their knowledge. They usually provided entertainment for lords and kings, but simpler forms of fireworks were also sold to the general public (accompanied with dire warning of disaster and destruction following attempt to open them).

Chapter housesEdit

The Guild had two prominent chapter houses, one outside of Cairhien in Cairhien and one in Tanchioco in Tarabon. Each chapter house is run by a Mistress or Master of the House who is answerable to the guild for anything that happen in the house.

Tanchico Chapter HouseEdit

The first established chapter house of the Guild.

Cairhien Chapter HouseEdit

The second chapter house to be established. It is located a mile east of the capital Cairhien. Rand and Loial accidentally burn down the chapter house when trying to stop a pack of Trollocs.

Known membersEdit


Aludra, an Illuminator originally from Tarabon.

  • Aludra, an ex-member of the Chapter house in Cairhien.
  • Tammuz, a big man.[1]

Recent activitiesEdit

Recently both chapter houses have been destroyed. There were also widespread resistance in the Guild in Tanchico towards the Seanchan invasion of Tarabon and a refusal to submit to the new Seanchan rule of Tarabon. The members of the Guild were subsequently made da'covale, and the Guild as such no longer exist.

There are still individual members that are free, outside Seanchan territories that work to make sure the memory and knowledge of the Guild is preserved.


Though the houses of the Illuminator's Guild have been destroyed, it is speculated they are looking to start a new house in Amadicia.[2] However a request for permission to open a chapter house in Amador was recently denied by Pedron Niall, at the time Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light.[3]


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