EWoT: Gyldan

Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Current status Unknown
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First appeared TDR 22
Last appeared TDR 22
Affiliation Black Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Red Ajah
For the Forsaken that used a similar alias, see Gyldin.

Gyldan was the name of a Red sister who was also Black Ajah.[1]


Gyldan appears in Egwene al'Vere's third step during her testing for Accepted in the Silver arches ter'angreal. Gyldan is Elaida's close confidant and is one of thirteen sisters of the Black Ajah who were going to turn Egwene to the Shadow with thirteen Myrddraal. It is unknown if there is a real Aes Sedai with this name.[1]


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