Half-moon axe

Perrin's half-moon axe.

The half-moon axe carried by Perrin Aybara was made by Haral Luhhan, the blacksmith of Emond's Field. It has a wide, half-moon shaped blade on one side, balanced by a thick metal spike on the other.


Master Luhhan forged the axe for a merchant's guard, but the guard refused to pay the agreed price. Master Luhhan would accept no less, so it stayed at the smithy. When he noticed Perrin practicing with the axe, Master Luhhan gave it to him, and Perrin took the axe with him when he left the Two Rivers after the Winternight attack.[1]

Perrin successfully used the weapon in many battles, but always feared succumbing to the easy violence it promised. Elyas Machera cautioned him to use it, and use it well. He also advised that Perrin discard it when the day came that he no longer hated using it.[2]

For a time, Perrin carried both the axe and a blacksmith's hammer as a symbol of his dual nature as a craftsman and warrior.[3] Finally, this time came following the Battle of Malden, and Perrin threw the blade away from him with all his strength.

Prophecy FulfillmentEdit

Perrin throwing away the axe fulfills a portion of the Karaethon Cycle, foretelling the start of the Last Battle:

"When the Wolf King carries the hammer, thus are the final days known."


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